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Sculpture and jewelry for me is a way to express my feelings plastically. This is the world for me in which I speak the language of the volume and shape.

Skills and Techniques

Materials and tools in my work are specific. Most often I use in the work the various metals and alloys such as carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium. My main instrument is a magical weld arc. No doubt, welding process is a magic, it’s brightness exceeding a thousand times the Sun’s light. The strength use several varieties of welding: TIG, MIG, arc stick welding, as combinations thereof.

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Get to Know

In the ‘90s I took art welding lessons from a genius art welder Grigory Dochkin, who welded titanium spacecrafts and moon rovers. He was the first in the world to master titanium as an artistic material and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding as an artistic process! He taught art welding in Finland and Ukraine.
Since then, not only the world in which we live has changed, but my attitude towards welding has also undergone great changes. Once I realized that this magical process can be used to make jewelry.
2013. I tried to weld jewelry by TIG welding.
2014. Sale of the first jewelry at the exhibition of my sculptures in Helsinki.
2015. Development of a unique design for titanium jewelry. First sales on the Internet.
2018. I decorated piercing jewelry by TIG-welding. Currently, the sale of titanium piercings occupies more than 40% of all sales of my jewelry.
The name Tiqualia was born spontaneously, by inspiration, as a derivative of two components: Ti (titanium) and Qualia. Qualia is a term in modern philosophy that means how we see this or that thing. In other words, qualia are only your, individual sensory experience. Together with Ti is your world of sensations made of titanium.
All production processes are eco-friendly. In the production of titanium jewelry I use only 5 components: electricity, pure Finnish water, baking soda ( Na2CO3 ), inert (argon) and butane gas. Welding and electrolysis are the main decoration processes for my jewelry. I use the welding machine of the Finnish company Kemppi. My products take an unpredictable fantastic appearance because of titanium oxide film. My products do not cause any allergic reactions. Anyone can wear it!
In production, I work alone. I have a small workshop in Vantaa, part of the inner core of the Finnish Capital Region.
Each product of Tiqualia is absolutely unique. One can make a close copy, but it is impossible to repeat it.

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