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Salida, CO, United States


I live in beautiful Salida, Colorado. We have fabulous weather, awesome scenery, and lots of fun things to do! I like rafting, going to reggae shows and just enjoying the outdoors and animals in my yard.

Skills and Techniques

My techniques are really experimentally driven- I think of something and then try it!

Get to Know

SurrealTiedye was born 4 years ago when I decided to go rogue! I quit my jobs and threw everything I had into my art. I did a bunch of experimentation with dyes and pretty much dyed every white item in my house. I made lots of T-shirts for people while honing my tie dye skills. I had all my supplies in a big tent in my backyard and just tie dyed night and day. I discovered new techniques involving snow, sun and rain mainly due to the fact that I was outside in the elements working! Now I have my Surreal Tie Dye Factory, so I can just have my creations in the snow, and not me too!! Now, I make all kinds of hand dyed items here in Salida, Colorado: tapestries, dyed canvases, t-shirts, ladies dresses and more, bamboo and cotton scarves, fabric for quilting, and my latest item is hand-dyed upcycled crocheted rugs. I love all colors, and like finding new and interesting ways to combine them. I hope you like my stuff, and if you would like a special order, just contact me!

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