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Valparaiso, IN, United States

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Welcome to my newest store! I'm new to Artfire but I have 1200+ positive feedback on other sites :)

Get to Know

I've always hated when I find a new favorite show/movie/band, but since it's not insanely popular, there's virtually NO memorabilia available. I started making my own stuff, and eventually decided to help everyone else out too! I will be listing some jewelry in the near future as well. Please don't let the lack of feedback deter you from making a purchase. I'm new to Artfire, but I have 1200+ positive feedback (100%) on other sites, and have never had a single complaint about any of my merchandise :) Also note that I offer FREE SHIPPING on all items in my store! I have all my item quantities set at 1, but if you would like to purchase more than one of a particular item, just let me know and I will list another for you. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests!