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Khon Kaen, KK, Thailand


I am printing garment with my family for a very long time. I really love the creative part of this. I truly enjoy the smile on peoples faces when they receive a beautiful print we have made. I hope you can give me a smile as well in the near future!

Skills and Techniques

Digital Design
Screen Printing
Chemist for making Paint and Inks

Get to Know

For more than 15 years we print all kinds of textiles. It started in a small bedroom of 4 x 5 meters when we lived in Europe but today we have a studio building next to our new house in Thailand. Its a family thing and everybody is involved.

We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the materials we use. Our shirts are "European Sizes" which means they are according to export size guidelines. Thai people are smaller so in Thailand, for the local market, they cut the shirts smaller but still give them the label XL. We do not use shirts for the local market so you will get the right size. You can find the size chart on each product we offer. Also the inks we use are of the best quality. A lot of printers use a water based ink which will fade away after very short time. We use real screen printing ink just like in the USA and in Europe so you can wash your great shirt without problems.

We love what we do and we hope you love the shirt that we have made for you!

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