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Edenton, NC, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi, my name is Shirley Gill and I live in Edenton, N.C.

Skills and Techniques

Designing and creating jewelry, crochet, embroidery, making tea cup lamps, lots of Different crafts, wire wrapping, and stringing. A lifetime of designing and creating. I will take orders for the Special Occasion Angel Pins. Just let me know what Cause and Color Bow you would like your Pin to be and the Number of Pins. I am constantly learning new skills and applying it to my designs. I use high quality materials. I have taught and continue to teach five generations of my family.

Get to Know

I specialize in Angel Jewelry, Teen and Childrens Jewelry, Jewelry Sets, Earrings, Special Event Jewelry, Wired Ribbon Angel Pins and Beaded Angels. I enjoy doing all kinds of crafts. My main joy right now is creating jewelry. I use quality materials and constantly update the materials I use. Most of my jewelry is one of a kind. Everyone likes to feel young at heart, stylish, and unique. My items are designed to do just that. Enjoy!!

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