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Baltimore, MD, United States

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My love of handcrafting came from my Mom and Grandmother who were both into recycling what was old into something new and useful even before it became trendy to do so. My Grandmother made rag rugs from strips of old fabric, and my Mom never threw away a used garment without saving the buttons and trims for all of her sewing and quilting projects. It was and is traditional in my family to make at least one handcrafted item for Christmas gifts each year, and, my relatives would always say that I should be selling my creations. I thought their compliment was just a sweet way of showing appreciation, and, anyway, time was never in enough supply for me to follow their advice. It was always a dream, though, that I held onto in the small corners of my days. Life has now blessed me with the opportunity to follow my dream deferred for all those years. I hope my patterns and graphic designs will always bring smiles to somone's day and honor the love of handcrafting that was passed down to my heart. Hold onto your own dreams because you never know where the path in life may lead ... mine has brought me such joy each day as I honor the memory of those two guardian angels of my dream , my sweet Mom and Grandmom!

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