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Gracemere, Q, Australia

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Hi fellow beaders and lovers of all things glassy with a hole in it! My name is Sandy, I live in Central Queensland, Australia, am a home grown Aussie and a self-representing Artist! I love to play with fire - well, so to speak. I love this thing called "Lampworking" which means I melt a few blobs of coloured glass on a piece of steel mandrel over a really hot flame and then shape, twist, pull, rake, poke or do whatever I have to do to turn the blob into a cool piece of wearable art. Well that sounds pretty easy doesn't it? But by golly, it takes quite some time and a lot of practice to learn how to do this fairly well!! I've been playing around with glass since mid 2006 and am currently one of the artists on our very own Aussie lampworking and jewellery gallery - Northcoast Beadmakers - so check us all out! I hope you like what I create, my pieces are definitely NOT mass produced and all handcrafted beads are kiln annealed and the holes cleaned. My beads are usually one of a kind and are made from the finest Italian and German glass. There are so many colour combinations to be experimented with - I get really bored trying to create the same beads for a "matching" set so many of my sets won't have duplicate beads in them. For these reasons, I cannot sell my beads for the same prices that mass produced beads sell for. It takes around 45 minutes and longer (for bigger, more complex beads) to produce one of my focal beads as each layer of glass has to be added and melted in separately and there are often many layers of glass in just one bead. The annealing process - to strengthen/toughen the glass and release the stress that can cause cracks - takes several hours and then I also need to allow time (and the correct tools of course..) to clean the holes of the powdery substance called bead release. The vast majority of mass produced beads are not annealed or cleaned, may be made with inferior glass, have tool or "chill" marks present and are sold very cheaply so please be discerning with your purchases particularly if you desire to own quality lampworked art glass beads. Enjoy your poke around my little shop - I hope you like what you see so much that you want to own it for yourself! Cheers Sandy