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Sarifotis Yannis was born in Athens, Greece on 1969.
He dealt with the creation of handmade jewellery at a gold jewellery workshop. At the same time he was attended lessons about silver and gold jewellery at a public educational institution in Athens.
Since 1989 Yannis has been experimenting with materiality and metal flexibility (pure silver and gold 18K and 24K) and the cutting of asymmetrical precious and semi-precious stones, adopting primitive manufacturing techniques of original and unique jewellery and sculptures (small silver sculptures, woodwork, brass sculptures and structures).
At Luxembourg (1992-1997) and Thessaloniki (1997 until now) Yannis participated in both individual and group jewellery and sculpture exhibitions. He owns Y ART STORE workshop in Thessaloniki and last months has presented the new ROSEWOOD collection.

Anastasia Arampatzoglou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece on 1990. Has a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Democritus University of Thrace (2014) and MA of Advanced Design - Innovation and Transdisciplinarity program in Architectural Design at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).
Through her studies Anastasia took part in many exhibitions with her courses’ projects and involved in many fields which have contributed to obtain comprehensive knowledge about architecture, computational design and art in general.
Furthermore, Anastasia took part in many workshops and has developed exceptional skills in computational design, fabrication methods and architectural synthesis.
Today, works with Yannis improving her skills with design and fabrication in jewelry.