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Albion, NE, United States

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The World is my inspiration. The world is ever changing and so dynamic. My jewelry and designs move, flow and evolve. Creation for me is a feeling, a step by step, without the final design in mind. I choose what moves me and sit down with raw product and my heart. I love using natural stones, wood, metals, but recently have blended in antique glass and artistic glass beads. No piece is the same. Not only is each strand of bead different from the next, but the art of creating and wearing jewelry is to be unique, a spokes piece for the creator and wearer. Jewelry, like art should not be mass produced, it should showcase moods, feelings, bring conversation, a different feel for each unique person. As we are all perfectly, wonderfully and uniquely made.
The name Rock tree Designs came from my Love of natural materials, Love of nature and Love of God. A name that speaks of all of me. Design lines include Essential oil diffusing, Christian, Bohemian/southwestern, Shabby Chic, Whimsical, deep woods natural, simple lines, and of course custom.
Fee free to contact me for any custom designs. I have recently had the opportunity to create necklaces with beads and shells that have been collected from vacations. My newest favorite, turning a rosary into a new turning page piece, documenting the journey of a young man from Catholicism to becoming a simple man of God.
I look forward to creating a spokes piece for you.