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Providence, RI, United States

Quick Blurb

Every bead is a thought, and good wishes always go into the making of PrettyGonzo jewelry.


Poetry, writing, literature, art, anime, classic & foreign film, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, documentaries, classical music, religion, holy wells, mythology, Japan, Ireland, Tibet, world history, WWII history, jewelry design, ancient jewelry

Skills and Techniques

I am good at pilling Gonzo (not a simple feat), and put 100 percent effort into everything else. Effort is probably my best skill. Patience is probably my best technique.

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Get to Know

Creativity is a natural source of happiness for me. Drawing, painting, writing - I love them all. Professionally, I have worked as a book editor and designer, and now am focusing my time and effort on handcrafted jewelry. :) I began making jewelry as a form of physical therapy after I suffered nerve damage to my left hand - a particularly unhappy event because I'm left-handed. I was determined to turn that setback into something positive, and inspired by a very talented jewelry-artisan friend of mine, I gave making earrings a try. Now here I am, helming Pretty Gonzo, which is named after a little orange-and-white stray cat who, years ago now, came crying to my door for food and won my heart with his sweetness, smarts, and social charm. Of course, Gonzo is a stray no longer, and as a far healthier and happier fellow now, he welcomes everyone who stops by "his" shop to nose around. In case you're wondering, that's Gonzo on my banner and in my avie. He truly is pretty. We're located in the Providence (Rhode Island) area.

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