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Ferdinand , IN, United States


Interests at the monastery are as far and wide as the number of sisters we have! Each of our 133 Sisters has talents in a variety of fields. The talents we wish to share with you are our passion for creating!! You will find a variety of hand-created items, everything from jars and bottles to original paintings. It is our privilege to be able to share these creations with you and the ArtFire world!

Skills and Techniques

In our monastery we have a large craft and creating room, where I spend most of my free time apart from my full-time ministry, and a large art room where our paintings and works of clay are taking shape! Personally, I do lots of creating with multiple media in the form of jewelry, bottles, jars, fabric, mosaics, sewing, quilting, crocheting, metal stamping, glass engraving... pretty much anything I feel the spirit is pulling me towards. Our other artists paint originals with watercolors, acrylics, work with clay, and much more! As our store name suggests, EVERYTHING is PrayerfullyCreated!!

Get to Know


My name is Sister Gail. I have a passion for up-cycling and creating!! I share this passion of the arts with several other sisters from my community, Sisters of St Benedict in Ferdinand, Indiana. Our online store is our way of sharing our talents with you and our retired sisters! The profits from each purchase goes directly towards supporting our sisters who are not receiving retirement income from the years they served in churches and schools.

We pray for all who support our community and we pray that each of you will be blessed by God abundantly!

Thank you for your support!