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Windham, ME, United States

Quick Blurb

I've been quilting for 35 years and have run out of wall space - but not ideas! I'd like to share my inspirations with you.


Hand quilted baby quilts, table toppers, lap quilts, wall hangings, and bits of whimsy.

Skills and Techniques

Machine piecing (mostly), hand quilting (which no one does anymore)

Get to Know

I live in Southern Maine which has really long and cold winters. The beauty of hand quilting is that it keeps me warm and occupied till spring comes again, as well as keeping me sane. There's also the fact that they are just cozily, comfortably gorgeous! Each quilt I make takes approximately 1 month to complete. My love of fabric goes back to my childhood - cutting pieces of un-hand-me-downable clothing into squares and triangles. I am completely self-taught besides the library of books that I have accumulated to show me the way. Color turns me on. I love going to the fabric drawers and putting together new combinations. Please support my passion and help me make room for more. There is always a new idea in my head. My children all have quilts from Mom but they haven't produced any grandchildren yet. Strike while the iron is hot!