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Sammamish, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

WELCOME TO NANCYM4! Specializing in handmade crafts made with high quality fabrics and Japanese Washi papers.


ALL THINGS KAWAII! I like to make items that are "useful, have function" , "fun" or both. A big selection of fabric pouches, wallets, things for home, things for the office, things for travel, fun and whimsicle things too! Beautiful and Cute prints in the highest quality fabrics, including a love for Japan import fabrics.

Skills and Techniques

Sewing, Fabric Crafts, Origami, Japanese Washi Paper Crafts, ID Badge Reels, Fabric and Washi MAGNETIC Bookmarks, Cute Plushies, Kawaii Pillows, Sushi plushies, Kawaii stuff!

Get to Know

**** NANCYM4 **** ~ Sew Creative.

Handcrafted with high quality fabrics and craftsmanship. I am extremely excited and happy to be part of Artfire and to be among all the talented Artfire Artists!!

- The cutest fabric lanyards made from the nicest fabrics...often cut and folded just right so the pattern aligns along the lanyard..4 layers of fabric, not flimsy like a ribbon lanyard!
- Make it FUN to wear your name tag or ID while at work or convention! A HUGE selection of FUN BADGES (ID Badge Reels) in the cutest designs. I take time placing the design in the cutest/nicest placement (some off centered) and back each fabric with fusible interfacing to minimize fabric stretching and thus pattern distortion and prevents the silver button from showing through (this extra step is exclusive to Nancym4).
- Beautiful washi Gem cabochon FUN BADGES are an exclusive design and creation by me.
- Beautiful washi paper adorned binder clips will keep you happy while you organize your paperwork!
- Plush toy maker : Cute plushies and pillows! (Onigiri, Sushi, Spam Musubi, Hawaiian Shave Ice, Boba Tea plush, kawaii Stars, Mochi, Dango, Anime plushies, & lots more). Lots of plushies not listed in shop...just inquire.

* For beautiful Japanese washi papers, rubber stamps, punches and other wonderful items, check out my friends: