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Portland, Oregon, United States

Skills and Techniques

Beading and Jewelry Design, Knitting and Crocheting, Sewing, Painting and Drawing, Flower Arranging(both real and silk), making household and holiday decorations, Scrapbooking and lots of general crafting

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Get to Know

My name is Angela LeWarne and my store is My Girly Gear. I have a store here on Art Fire and Etsy, and my husband is working on my own site and they all are called My Girly Gear. I live in Portland Oregon but I live WAY west of downtown. I have lived here for almost 19 years. I live with my husband and our 4 teenage boys. My husband and I will be celebrating are 20 wedding anniversary in August.

I have always been artistic and in my free time or to relax I would paint, draw, sculpt, bead, knit, and sew, as well as making all kinds of home and holiday decor and gifts. With 4 boys, a husband and a home to take care of, finding time was a challenge but I create to relax so when I did have time I would always have ongoing projects I was working on. While taking care of my terminally ill mother for three and a half years I hurt my back and spinal cord. This resulted in major back surgery and permanent nerve damage. So I went from the person who never sat still to the person who had to stay down a lot. So I saved myself from going crazy through art and making things. Having more time has allowed me to really develop my skills especially in jewelry design.

My store is mostly full of jewelry and some other knitted girl items as well as some holiday decor, but I am hoping to add many other girly goodies, more home and holiday decor and canvas paintings and wall art to my store in the future. It is truly exciting to be able to sell the things I love making. It is what I have always wanted to do and I think that I would have never have slowed down and realized my dream had it not been for my injury. So now I have my dream job and the best parking spots. Find the good in every bad because every cloud has a silver lining!

So now here I am on Art Fire. I like the idea of a community of artist and hand crafters coming together and offering buyers things once only available to them at craft fairs holiday bazaars. I look forward to many years of beings an Art Fire Store Owner.