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Clarksville, TN, United States

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I crochet,sew doll clothes,crossstitch, bead... I think I have done everything but knit and macrame. I love the challenge of creating something from nothing. But my real passion is my little mice. Their personalities can brighten any day.

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I am known as Mumsey. I have been creating various craft items for longer than I care to admit. I started as a child making button people while sitting at the edge of my mother's sewing machine. She was quite the seamstress and along with other projects, dressed over 100 dolls every year for charity. I guess you could say I came by my creativeness naturally. I have dabbled in most crafts over the years, but bears then mice have become my passion. I have been making mice of one sort or another for over thirty years. I am ready to share them with others who will appreciate them and give them good homes. They will last forever to become Family Heirlooms. One niece reminded me that hers is 35 years old. Each one is totally handmade and uniquely different and takes me hours to complete, not to mention the countless days and weeks spent shopping for appropriate fabrics and just the right size props for a 4" mouse. I hope you will adopt one or two or three...and give them a good home. Thank you for stopping in and I hope you will leave me some comments.

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