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Austin, TX, United States

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We are two busy moms that discovered the fun of making home made cold process soap.


Cold Process Soap, Natural products, Essential Oils, Vegan, Artistic Soaps, Artisan Soap, Small Batch Soaps, Handmade, Home Made, Small Business

Skills and Techniques

cold process soap, felted soap and hot process soap

Get to Know

We are two busy moms that discovered the fun of making home made cold process soap. We enjoy our soap so much we decided that we should share our soap with others. We make all of our soap in Michele's kitchen in Austin, Texas. Michele learned to make soap in order to design a class project for an undergraduate project based instruction class. The students challenge was to design a soap to meet some specific needs of their clients. She started with making a very good basic soap. For fun one night Michele showed Katie how to make soap. Katie started asking what if we add this to the soap and try this fragrance. Katie enjoyed experimenting with different designs, fragrances and colors. The rest is history. Hopefully our soap represents the fun and joy we have in making each bar. This is not our job but our hobby so that we can avoid doing "real work". The excitement when we cut each soap and discover how it looks, smells and best of all feels when we use it. Our soap making might dirty up the kitchen but everyone needs soap and we won't gain any weight testing our products. Katie is the mother of four children between the ages of 18 and 23. She works as a product manager for a manufacturing company. Michele is a mother of two grown children. She is a PhD candidate in STEM education and hopefully will finish her degree by May 2017.

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