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My father is a traditional furniture carpentry, In his studio he piled up a lot of materials left over from making furniture. So I came up with the idea of making a bracelet. It's like a feeling of digging a treasure. You never know what color the wood under the dust is.

I spent a lot of time sorting all the wood, but I only got about 8 materials. So I am now on the way to travel and continue to look for wood of different materials. And learn some ancient ways to make bracelets, I will continue to share these lovely woods.

Skills and Techniques

It takes at least 5 hours to make a perfect bracelet, but fortunately, you can do a lot of work in batches, which can save a lot of time. First of all, you must be skilled in using a lathe to make wood into round beads. Then punch each hole. For me with obsessive-compulsive disorder, when I saw an irregular piece of wood slowly turning into a circle, it was a very big enjoyment.

Get to Know

Through these woods that do not pass through the country, I hope that people will realize how wonderful the world is. Peace is so important to us, and different countries have different cultures and unique products.

Through these different kinds of wood, I have learned friends from many countries. I have learned a lot of interesting things. I will always stick to this project. I hope one day I can collect wood from all over the world and make different products with various techniques. May the world never have a war, so that all people will live in peace and happiness.

Finally, I declare that all the wood I collect is a legal channel, and there is no illegal logging, most of which are purchased from discarded wood and official channels.

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