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Greenville, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome. I have lots of items to choose from and if you don't see what your looking for just ask.


health, medical, medication, organizer, cover, luggage tags, childrens items, pill box cover, heating pad cover, hot cold pack cover, ice pack cover, pillow cases, travel size pillowcases, seatbelt strap covers

Skills and Techniques

I started out with sewing when I was young and never looked back. I sew, cross stitch counted and printed, I'll try anything with a hot glue gun, love making wreaths out of flowers and other fun things.

Get to Know

Hi there and welcome. Glad you stopped by to see what I'm all about. I have been sewing and crafting now for over 30 years. People ask me what I do for a living I tell them I craft and sew. They ask what I do for a hobby I tell them, craft and sew. I love coming up with new ideas or enhancing an item that is already out there. I have a beautiful daughter and two wonderful grandsons. I am also married to an amazing, supportive man. As for my shop you will find a variety of items. I started out with the pill box covers (take a look at one and read how I came about inventing them;) Then I was going to visit my daughter and grandson and wanted some pretty luggage tags so, you guessed it, I sat down and figured out how to make me some. These became a huge seller. That first year I made over a thousand. Other ideas have come to me over time. And as long as the ideas keep coming I'll keep creating or repurposing things. Whatever else you do today don't forget to giggle at least once. It will make you whole day seem better. Tracy

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