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Sun City West, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a jewelry artisan,a grandmother,a mother, a golfer, a reader and a gardener. I was a dental consultant in my first life


I love gemstones-finding the unusual ones and then combining them with something else unusual. I also love to play with metals - forging, hammering, it's a great stress reliever! I am a compulsive reader and a single digit handicap golfer.

Skills and Techniques

I have always had a good sense of color and design and I think that is reflected in my jewelry. I am a perfectionist who pulls pieces apart for things that a customer would never see -but I know it's there and could never sell it. I am self taught and that has it's good and bad sides - but I've been at this long enough now, that it's mostly good. I love what I do !!! I use only the best products that I can acquire, most of my gems and pearls are "A" quality or better.

Get to Know

Welcome to my shop...this is a very eclectic collection, so grab a cuppa whatever you like and take a look around. I make hand crafted jewelry, using whatever I happen to be "into" at the time.

Sorry that nothing new has been added - we are moving and my over organized husband packed all my photo gear up. So I have to wait til we sell this house and find a new one before I can update my site :(

I love to move metal and make it sing. I also love to put unusual gemstone beads together and see where they take me. I'm usually a member of the less is more club, although I do occassionally forget that. Most of my jewelry is all occassion, and can be worn anywhere at any time. The majority of my work is "one of a kind", so please, check often, because it is constantly changing and being added to.

I am way too prolific and there is always more available than is posted here - so if you don't see something that you like, email me and we'll see what we can find. Most pieces have matching earrings that I rarely get posted...or they can be made, just ask. IMAGINATION TO WEAR and THE WIRE LEADS, I BUT FOLLOW...are the mottos for my jewelry. I love what I am doing and I hope that that feeling is always reflected in my work.

Currently my work can be found at several boutiques in Scottsadale, Arizona, a few museums in the Phoenix area, at a shop in Rancho Mirage, CA, a gallery in Sedona, AZ., and at Harrah's Rincon Resort in San Diego North. I am always happy to accept wholesale orders. Please contact me directly for terms and pricing. Have a great one and Happy Shopping

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