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In January of 2016 we started our laser printer business and e-commerce website to channel our passion to create diverse customization of products by way of engraving (including 3D engraving), etching, marking, and cutting (this includes unique product design).

With the love of art in mind and the passion for creating custom personalized everything that one can imagine. It truly is our passion and we are excited to share the venture with you. Our aim is to sell our items at a realistic and fair price; we value your shopping experience with us and take pride in providing quality products to you. We enjoy everything from creating the artwork, handling a custom order and working with you from start to finish to reach your inspiration as well. Our true excitement involves viewing the outcome of what technology is capable of giving to the world. The laser printer has endless capabilities and that is why we welcome unique custom opportunities that inspire us to achieve unique and creative inspirations that go above and beyond.

We do aim for perfection in the products we offer so if the product item is not perfect we simply do not send it out the door.

We are located in the Town of Coaldale in the province of Alberta, Canada as our physical location but we sell products across the entire continent of North America.

Everyone develops a "niche" overtime as to what works best for the types of products they want to deliver to their captive audience. However, we are excited about all the opportunities available and the "Sky is the limit". Our design team welcomes any type of custom order and we would more than happy to discuss these options with you:

We offer many types of unique design patterns that are created by us; we offer products made from wood, acrylic, plastic, metal, and even fleece. All of which can be completely personalized and engraved with names, messages, images and even include photo's, and 3D engraving (eg. gun stocks).

We accept any type of custom order, this includes items that you may already have and you would like custom printed, or if you want us to supply the product, create and design a product and you don't see anything of the sort on our website please contact us we would be happy to work with you.

Local Orders, the Coaldale and Lethbridge Area:

Serving the local area of Lethbridge and Coaldale area. If you are local to this area and would like to purchase from our website then please just make your purchases online and upon checkout and the shipping section of the check out pages, please select "Free Local Shipping within Lethbridge & Coaldale Area" we will make arrangements for you to acquire your products, we can schedule a time and the products can be delivered by us.

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