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Laser Works in Acrylics and Wood.
We love our Border Collies --they are our kids.
Our inspiration is driven by the world around us--especially color. As you see,
there is a lot of color in my shop.
Not only do we enjoy laser working, but also vinyl name cutting and wood. We also are
beginning new projects in productions of Plastic creations --coming soon.

Skills and Techniques

Computer graphics and laser operations with attention to the
fine detail. Art forms of all kinds including vinyl graphics --I love to incorporate
this into jewelry concepts and name creations for your personal items, or just for
fun. 3D art and letters snap back production is one of my favorites, I just love letters.
Words make the world go around, don't you think?

Get to Know

My name is Larry. Welcome to my Window Views. Your imagination is my creation. I love to create
fun as well as interesting concepts for both easy art and designer impossibilities they can't create any other way.
Making the greatest project begins with an idea that you have in your mind with the hopes of sharing it with others.
This is where I can help you complete your task with a unique clean laser precision piece.

My team consists of my wife, Barbara and myself. If there is something you would like to see here,
just message anytime. All photography and site management is handled by Barbara as well as
our completed laser jewelry and other jewelry handcrafted designs.

Aviation is big love of mine, especially the vintage. I create arts for the old vintage clocks that are
retrieved from helicopters and vintage planes. I love design both large and small.

Precision and clean art forms are very important to me in my work and I assure you I will do all
that I can to graphically as well as laser complete your needed item with great care.

Custom orders are always welcome and booking that order is easy-just contact me.

I love seeing some of the pieces of final art forms that my work is a part of. I am amazed sometimes and have to say
(I would never have thought something so amazing could be accomplished in some of those items. It's just
a total WOW to see what the end results can be!)

I hope you enjoy my shop and do not hesitate to ask for custom designs.
The product is all about you and your end result. I strive to afford you with exactly what your needs are.

Take a little stroll and check out my little Windows. They have great views and each has something
you may need in your work or a piece of crafted jewelry you love for yourself or a friend.

I try to get orders out as soon as possible, but in this art, I deal with monsters of machines and there are
times when I am off line for some reason or another with the laser. They are sophisticated and complicated
so please know that I do all I can to make the shipping deadlines that I set but may need extra time due to
equipment necessities that lasers need.
I would always converse with you over any concern on time frames if there were an odd delay--

Thanks for visiting my shop.

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