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Carson City, NV, United States


Gem collecting, exploring ghost towns, crocheting, hiking, mountain bike riding, camping, hanging out with my husband and dogs

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Kiya's Treasure opened for business in 2006. It was started out of the love for the western landscape, and the gems that can be found there. Kiya's Treasure jewelry is inspired by the colors of the west, and the stones that we find. We have traveled to many areas collecting a vast amount of different stones.

I have a background in archealogy, so I am constantly looking for treasure be in the ground or up in the sky. I love being outdoors and exploring new areas. Nature is in my blood. I have a soft spot for wildlife, and when I encounter wildlife I consider it a real treat.

All the feathers used are found. I do not kill any birds, but I have found feathers from birds that been killed by prey birds.