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I love experimenting with herbs, botanicals & essential oils for different skin types.


Soap, oil perfumes, shower gels, hair conditioner, lip balms, nail cream, bath salts, solid perfume sticks, lotion & cream, wax tarts, spray perfumes, all natural soap

Get to Know

I have made soap for years since 1997, but only for me. In 2009 I was so discouraged by the lack of nice gifts available to fill my Christmas boxes so I made soaps and lip balms as presents for my relatives and kids. The raves were wonderful and I decided to open a shop. I also make shower gels, liquid hand soap, sugar scrubs, hair conditioner and bath salts. Some comments I have gotten from my products: "I love it, doesn't dry my skin like regular soap does" "WOW! This is better than what I pay $25.00 for" "The perfume oil is wonderful"

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