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Kuala Lumpur , KL, Malaysia

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Natural Gemstone parlour for high-end quality Gems & Jewels💎

We wanted to provide people around the world with a single place to buy high quality, 100% natural and untreated gemstones, as well as custom made jewelry that will be cherished for life. You can go to a brick and mortar shop and pick something you like or premise at a premium cost. Or you can go online to bargain sites like eBay to save money and buy something that looks nice in pictures but low quality shocker in person. All our pictures were taken under natural light and no studio lights, enhancements or gimmicks.

I know how hard it is to get the right stone which is why I started my site with select handpicked gems. I am careful what I buy and avoid buying gemstones in lots. Although it is cheaper to buy gemstones in lots, I decided pick them individually. This often cost a little more but I believe it is worth the cost. I don’t want to sell you a junk or low quality stone once to make quick money. I goes thru 100’s if gemstones each month but only about 10% makes it to my site. I will take my time finding the right gems to sell and for this reason alone I won’t be a large gem dealer. I love being a small town dealer with a reputation of selling only high quality gems