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Greene, Maine, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome, I am truely Honored you came by!

My Jewelry Style? I suppose its what each piece means to you...


Gemstones, Shell Pearls, Crystals, Sparkle, Stringing, Wire Work, Custom Orders, Hand Made, Dazzle, Volunteer,spiritual growth, Poetry, ARKS (Acts Of Random Kindness), Beads, Beads, Beads

Skills and Techniques

I Love mixing together Beads and Stones to express different parts of me. I am sensitive to the desires of my customers, and their loved ones, and Love to design Jewelry Pieces for Special Occasions. I believe I Love Designing my "Belly Dancer" pieces of Jewelry, the most.
I also work in advanced wire wrapping- my newest passion! I am truely humbled by your Visit to My Studio, and would prefer YOU decide my skills and talents, as You see my work, and what each piece means to YOU!

Get to Know

After many years as a Jewelry Artisan, (I began making "Love Beads" when the "Hippies" were abound in the late 60's) I still love designing new Jewelry Pieces, for the seasons each year. I especially love working with all my customers, who are from all over the world!
I am Humbled that they would choose, to let the world see who they are, while wearing my Jewelry!
I work in most areas of jewelry making except seed bead stitching and weaving.

I live in Maine, in the U.S. with my Hubby and quite often, my 34 year old son, (Gotta Love 'em!) stays with us.

I have a studio in my home and enjoy teaching jewelry making at a local level.

I have 2 cats, now,"Buddy" a Sealpoint Siamese. (What A Terror- His name should be "Turbo"!)
And now Buddy has a sister, (we got them both "Fixed") as we welcome "BeBe" to our clan! She is a Tourtie Point Siamese.(And an Equal match for Buddy!)

Ever see a cat fly off a ceiling fan? (not running, of course)
The brother & Sister Cats we had for 17 years, "Sheba" and "Rocky", both passed away last year. They were true friends and mentors of patience for me. Rocky Loved to lay on my workbench, and watch me work in my Studio. He was a true "inspiration" and made me stick to a project until it is just so...and not give up, and walk away, or he would actually Yell At Me, until it was tagged, and ready for sale.
For 12 years, I volunteered as a telephone advocate for a Abused Women's project, here in Maine. I believe in these women, because an expeience like they have had, makes a great imprint on someone's Life, forever. I admire their courage. Life is a labor of Trusting Again, for them.
I set up at my Jewelry display at many state and local fairs, all year long.
I also do Home Jewelry Shows, where I teach all the guests who come, how to make their own drop earrings!
Now That's Fun- They're a Real Hoot!
I especially love taking a new Artisan under my wing. I Love seeing the fire I feel for making jewelry, as it glows in their eyes. Especially when they come to my home,and see my Vast Stash of beads I have collected, over the years!

Its been a "Long Row To Hoe", as we "potato" folks say, here in the State of Maine!
But I have loved evey second of it!

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