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Hi, my name is Catherine and I’m happy to welcome you in my shop!
From the moment I remember myself I adored dresses. Dress shops were the most interesting places to me and my mother’s new dresses completely took my attention. I caught every detail to draw it in my notebook and create my own designs. At age of 9, I tried to sew my first little gown for the doll. And it wasn't that bad:) A small step that made it clear what I’m going to dedicate my life to the dresses.
At 19 I released my first dress collection and for my pleasure, it was completely sold out in a few weeks. Next, I founded my own company and tried to create different clothing but till nowadays dresses take a special place in my heart.
I take my time to make every dress perfect. The choice of fabric is the first and for me, it should be pleasant to the body as much as having the right color and texture. Because the feeling of comfort is where the beauty starts. Dresses color palette has all the variety between classic colors and Pantone’s trending shades of the year, the choice is yours.
Stunning looks is my goal in every design. And photos of my beautiful clients give me a feeling of achievement. This is my motivation for creating this shop - to make you shine and feel awesome!

Let the dress make your day!