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Cherokee, NC, United States

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I decided to open the shop as a way for me to actively honor my heritage by offering my knowledge and goods to you. I am a tribal member and I am from the Wolf Clan.

I remember as a little girl on the reservation watching my Aunt Tallulah make medicine, brews, washes etc. She was known as a medicine woman, conjurer, root worker or whatever you want to call her. All we knew is that if we had an aliment we went to Aunt Tallulah to get the fix. She removed warts and aided in childbirth. They called on her when one was about to pass over to keep their spirits from being taken.

She always wanted a daughter, but unfortunately she only had boys who had no interest in doing works! Not so, for me!! I remember watching her diligently as she explained each process!

Aunt Tallulah passed over to be with The Creator about 5 years ago. As is our customs we do not speak the name of those who have crossed over for one year. We feel if you call them by their name then we prevent them from moving on to the spirit world.

About 3 years ago Aunt Tallulah came to me in an dream and suggested I continue her work. Needless to say I did not feel I was ready. With more visits and constant persuasion from her I agreed. I set up a Ancestral Altar and began honoring and talking to them. I know have a firm concrete relationship with them and I honor them daily. Remember if you will listen to your Elders, you will learn a lot. They are wise and have much knowledge to share if only you are willing to receive.

Most herbs are home grown, with no pesticides! I never mass harvest and never taken any thing from nature without asking and being granted permission. I never take anything from nature without giving back to Mother Earth! If we continue to take without permission and never give back, the plants, minerals, resins and barks will go instinct and there will be no medicine for our future generations! No to mention your medicine will not work for you!

I never mass produce any oil! You can rest assure that any oil or product you receive from me will be of superior quality. They may be some variations in colors due to the natural process of home grown herbs, or maybe the labels may be a little different than those pictures but the quality will be superior!

I take pride in each item I personally make and they each have significant meaning to me and my culture. I hope you enjoy browsing my shop and I appreciate your support.