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Rockton, Illinois , United States

Skills and Techniques

Necklace, bracelet and earrings from quality semi-precious gems, crystal and metallic components. I'm starting to learn some metal-working beyond the usual wire-wrapped loop thingy, but I'm taking it slow, as I'm also looking for a day job as I learn.

Get to Know

I've always gotten my greatest personal rewards from artistic pursuits, and I've pursued quite a few as an amateur, from poetry to painting. Jewelry Design has been the only one I've tried to take professional; mostly as a means to support my bead habit! I love coming up with new and unusual compositions, and delight in the unexpected, like asymmetric designs, or combining turquoise with crystal or copper rather than the traditional silver. Look in my studio for one of a kind jewelry that's just a little "different".

I try never to repeat any design, so you may run across items that look similar; they'll never quite be the same down to the last detail.

I'd really love to sit down with a client and design an item for him or her that would be aesthetically pleasing and also serve to balance their energies through properly chosen colors or stones with just the right properties. Maybe someday...

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