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Our interest in Damascus knives is because they are beautiful, timeless, stay sharp and Hunters and fishermen likely know the value of a good knife. But a beautiful Damascus steel blade is the perfect gift for anyone.
One reason so many people are initially attracted to Damascus steel knives is pretty superficial – delightfully so, actually. It’s because Damascus steel is just so pretty that you can’t help but notice them online or in a display case in front of you. Because of the forging process of Damascus steel, the blade has a beautifully patterned appearance, often showing a “wavy” design. Of course, not all Damascus Steel patterns are alike, and here at Vegas Forge, we create patterns to suit every potential knife owner’s dream. So if you’re in the market, don’t just explore Damascus steel blades – explore a whole lot of Damascus steel blades to determine which you like best.
Due to their very nature, knives made from Damascus steel are something of an antique, even when you purchase them brand new. That’s because the technique used to forge Damascus steel – namely forging (or casting) two or more varieties of steel together to form one, unified, strong alloy. Because of this process, the end result is a metal that is patterned due to the various layers of steel. This technique dates back hundreds of years. Although the “original” forging process of Damascus steel has been lost to the ages, the modern technique used to create strong steel in these characteristic patterns is something to celebrate. Wootz and pattern weld are also terms sometimes used to indicate this layered forging technique.
Made for a purpose
Because of the forging technique used to create Damascus steel, the finished product (the knife you’re looking to buy) is likely a high-quality, highly useful tool. That’s because the creator of the Damascus steel selected the alloys that would best work together for the purpose at hand – and would create a beautiful pattern to boot. A Damascus steel blade, as you know, features waves of steel alloy, which meet at the edge of the knife and determine the cutting performance of the blade. This means they will be specifically manipulated for the intended purpose – hunting, fishing, cooking, etc.

Stay sharp
Anyone who buys a knife for any purpose wants it to be sharp (there’s not much you can do with a dull knife other than getting frustrated!) When you choose a well-made Damascus steel knife, it will stay sharp much longer than most production quality knives. That’s no guarantee, of course, that you’ll never need to sharpen your blade, but you’re likely to do it a lot less often. Hey, that’s part of the reason we call these knives “investments.”

Skills and Techniques

Damascus or pattern welded steel is the process of combining at least two different types of steel to achieve mechanical properties or to achieve a desired aesthetic. In our Damascus, we use two different types of steel all of which harden and temper in the same temperature range. These steels are forge-welded together.

We see our Damascus knives as a piece of the master knife master’s soul. This process requires more of the knife master’s time and a higher level of concentration than the regular steel knives. When we designed the regular high carbon steel knives our goal was to design the highest performance blade, which experience and skill could bring to bear.

Damascus blades are made of different types of steel whose many layers extend right through the cutting edge. These layers wear at a slightly different rate causing a very fine micro serration which can be very helpful in staying sharp longer. Both sharpen exactly the same way and both get equally sharp, so it's in the way that they wear which is different. So in deciding which type of steel you prefer, think of the Damascus as an art piece, as well as, a functional tool.

Get to Know

Family owned and operated since 1975, we take pride in offering you a unique shopping experience. We strive to provide our customers with the finest selection of handmade custom Damascus hunting, skinner, pockets and kitchen knives.

Faneema Cutlery styles range from rugged to elegant, and from classic to contemporary. Our collection also includes hunting knives, skinner knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, and razors.

Faneema Cutlery ties all of this together in a fun, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding customer service and excellent products.

The reputation and flair of Damascus knives stretch back over 17 centuries to legends of Damascus blades cutting through a rifle barrel and slicing a strand of hair in two. The modern technique of creating Damascus steel involves forging together multiple layers of steel to create a strong and remarkable blade.

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