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Vintage and antiques, yard sales, flea markets, jewelry making, painting, rusty things, ephemera and vintage paper, books, clothing design, upcycling of all kinds, recycling and reusing elements, glass, flowers and gardening in general ( I get a lot of artistic inspiration from my plants), herbal medicines, native american jewelry/old pawn and victorian (2 of my favorite styles/eras), cats and birds (which sadly do not coincide well!), and classical music!

Skills and Techniques

I think I have described that as well as possible, with the two former categories :)

Get to Know

Hello fellow vintage, antique and crafts enthusiasts! I assume if you are reading this, we have these in common. I am a long time Ebay seller, who is just looking for something different, and Artfire seems to be perfectly suited to the kinds of things I have to offer. I will be listing vintage and antique items both apparel and collectibles of all kinds. As well as handcrafted and upcycled jewelry, clothing, and whatever else I am inspired to conjure together with the things I find. I have a particular affinity to jewelry and creating jewelry. I love old pieces for inspiration, and to upcycle. I love blending old and new together, and sometimes keep it pure; just whatever the occasion and idea requires. I take special requests, so if you see something you like, or that inspires you to want something custom made, send me an email. I can create it for you! If it can be done, I can do it.... one way or another :) I started out as an artist, then went to costume designing, then jewelry and novelty items.... reclaimed, upcycling, found objects, revamping, are my specialties at the moment, but I can do just about anything crafty. So send me your ideas!! I hope you will come back regularly and check out what new listings I have up!