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We travel to learn and be inspired by the nature and landscape from all over the world. You can even find some of our creation has the unique touch with some raw material which were handed picked around the world.

We create the flower arrangement that will go with your wedding theme. Not to mention, we are specialised in Boho Rustic style!

Skills and Techniques


Our bouquets are 100% original design and hand made with real dried flowers, it has been thoughtfully arranged with special attention to every details, every bouquet piece's processing time varies, we spent at least an hour and sometimes a few hours for each of our bouquets (even up to days for some special seasonal collections).

We use various flower preservation method, and we love flowers that are naturally dried, as they have  different appearances and sometime can be exciting to see the changes. We think they look more beautiful when they are dehydrated, the rustic sense that they create are unique which we believe this special sense can not to created by fresh or silk flowers. 


We set a high standard to our products, if we think they are not good enough, we'd rather take it apart and reprocess the whole bouquet.

All our items are carefully checked before we sent it out to our customers. As we care our customers as much as we care our products, we wish to bring joy and happiness to everyone when they are received.

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Get to Know

Our shop name: Evergreen Lab (Crafts & Arts)


We believe bouquet can do magic, whether it is a gift or decoration, it creates joy and happiness.

Many people think flowers have limited lifetime, but we disagreed on this short life theory, as we enjoy preserving beautiful flowers, we believe flowers can be everlasting with cares.