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Waveland , Ms, United States


Inspiration for my work starts with beautiful colors in the glass that comes into the studio. I am inspired by the beach, the flow of the tides, the Pelicans, fish, the sunrises and sun sets that all play off the gulf coast waters; my environment surrounds me.
I find that my artist eye studies the many mysteries of our world and my art often takes a humous spin on some of our everyday creatures.
In my jewelry, I use beautiful glass as the basis for my pieces and I use Sterling silver and freshwater pearls. I feel life is too short to wear fake pearls.

Skills and Techniques

Fused glass requires a knowledge of the glass itself and its properties and the use of kilns. My glass is taken to the temperature of 1460 degrees for a full fuse and many pieces require multiple firings and procedures. I like working with tools, in my shop you will find a saw made for cutting glass, a diamond core grinder, Dremmels with diamond bits, diamond files, glass cutters, nippers, and pliers for cutting glass by hand.
Fused glass is a very tactile experience and the direct relationship between the artist and the glass is a very personal one.

Get to Know

Dragon Fire Glass Studio is located on the sandy beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It was after taking classes in the hot glass in New Orleans and in Pensacola, applying that information with my kiln experience as a potter, that my studio began the transformation into the fused glass shop that it is today.
Dragon Fire Glass Studio is a full working studio and a teaching studio with group and individual classes.It is a positive place to grow and work, where judgement is left at the door and a calming tactile experience brings results that are most often stunning.

Dragon Fire Glass Studio where glass reigns in beautiful colors

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