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Wyoming, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

Everything we sell is completely handmade in our Michigan home using top of the line equipment and materials.


Video Games, Disc Golf, Design, Home Remodeling and Repairs, Motorcycles, Dogs, Movies, Music, Spending Time With My Wife

Skills and Techniques

After spending 8 years within the print industry I have become intimately familiar with many facets business print solutions. While focusing on the growth and formation of a business that centers on vinyl artwork I am also connected with and serve as a broker for other print related projects.

Get to Know

I have broken free! I broke free of the daily grind in pursuit of a passion, and it shows! Deft Perception does not operate as a hobby on the side. This is a full time business and operates as such.

I've been working since I was just 10 years old in one way or another. I got a paper route and did that everyday for about 3 years. The next 3 years were spent working in various occupations from inventorying car parts to doing data entry and processing for a custom children's apparel company. I then worked for a department store for a few years during high school. From there, it was on to a local company that was a premium bakery where I managed ordering and deliveries to nearly 40 grocers across Michigan. After that no longer proved to be viable I went to work for FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) while I put myself through college.

I learned a whole lot about the print industry, graphic design, commercial signs & graphics, and about running a major business. After 8 years, I realized it was time. It was finally time for me to pursue my own interests and to have more fun while working.

I spent about 8 months planning, plotting, and preparing to strike out on my own. At the beginning of August 2012 I made the leap, bought my machinery, and materials. Since then we at Deft Perception have been honing our skills with our new machinery, trying a variety of materials to determine what is the best fit, and setting up our shop to serve you as well as possible.

After having spent a few months on Etsy and determining that it wasn't the best fit for us we have made the move to ArtFire but have provided a link to the 100% POSITIVE feedback we received on Etsy. Your trust is our primary concern.

Deft Perception prides itself on delivering high quality products, professional consultation, accurately describing products and offerings, and integrity in all we do (even if it means making the harder decisions). We are here to serve.

Now, let's have some fun with this!

"Change the way you see things"

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