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My interests are designing and creating. I love making new styles of jewelry that are inspired either by nature, people or stories I read and places I go. Often I start working on a piece not knowing exactly what it will become in the end. I let my go with the flow attitude create the one of a kind piece for me.

I also love to write. I do not have the time to do enough of it these days but I am an aspiring writer and hopeless poet. I love living in the peaceful country and everything the country life has to offer. A sweet, slowed down simple life is everything I need. I enjoy nature, love animals, love to decorate and am a wife and mother of two wonderful children and three cats I adore.

Skills and Techniques

I am fascinated with the versatility of polymer clay and you will see many designs made from it. It is a strong, durable and lovely material to work with. I also enjoy handcrafting my jewelry using semi-precious gemstone beads, metal charms, genuine leather and sterling silver. I expect value and superior craftsmanship when it comes to my work.

Get to Know

Located in Kentucky, Clover & Willow is a family handcrafted jewelry boutique that was founded out of the love, obsession and appreciation for the old school art of handmade accessories that are designed to be different, to be an outlet to the soul of the carefree and stylish woman.

At first, Clover & Willow was nothing more than a dream in the heart of a young girl years ago. Christie (a/k/a CEO of Clover & Willow), knew at an early age she wanted to run her own business. She wanted the chance to make a difference in the world and offer people something they can afford, a product that they will love and feel special and unique while wearing it. She did not know at that time what sort of product would fit each of these special characteristics.

In her late teens, she developed a keen interest in handmade jewelry with designs that would not typically be found in your average department store or even the little shop around the corner. The problem was that it is not very easy to get away from the one style fits all assembly line view of the world nor was it easy to escape the mass produced products that lack a personal touch and superior quality. People want value.

After what seemed like an endless search, Christie grew frustrated with the difficulty of finding high quality necklaces, rings and bracelets that were valuable but not way overpriced.

She longed to learn to craft and discover unique and original designs that showcases the talent of the artisan who crafts it and the personality of the one who wears it. After realizing the need was there, Christie inspired to make this her business dream and started her research to learn how to make these gorgeous styles and source accessories that are free spirited, edgy and fun. Not to mention quality made goods that can hold up to the fast paced lives we all live.

The start up of Clover & Willow was nothing more than a few spare dollars, a wild and vivid imagination and a determination to offer people something real, something unique and fun. Christie got her husband on board to help with shipping and now they are a team running a family owned boutique.

Each accessory you see in this shop is either a handcrafted one of a kind piece made by Christie that offers a gypsy, carefree style that will withstand the test of time or a classy design developed for the high fashion trendy lady.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with outstanding customer service and products they cannot get enough of. We are not happy until we know you are happy. After all, you are the reason we do what we do.

We are thrilled you stopped by. Be sure to stay with us for exclusives, promotions, sales, giveaways, discounts and more.