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Bantam, Connecticut, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a happy creator of mobiles, baskets, sculpture, and more. I am always exploring new ideas and materials.


kinetic, mobiles, wire, digital, collage, assemblage, baskets, sculpture, photography

Skills and Techniques

mobile making, digital art,photography,sculpture,wire work,painting, collage

Get to Know

David Charest has been creating mobiles, abstract painting and sculpture for over twenty years. He finds beauty in mobiles being ever changing. Through their movements, they become fresh and new. He enjoys working with natural materials and found objects for an earthy feel, along with bright and colorful materials for a more contemporary style. Mobiles can emulate the calming energy or movement that we see in nature, such as wind through the trees, clouds floating by or ocean waves. Bringing a mobile into your living space can carry this energy indoors. While watching the movement of a mobile, the mind becomes still. The movement brings the stillness.

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