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Berkley, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

My name Shannon and I started crafting as a child making plant hangers from fishing line and plastic beads.


Jewelry design, painting, wine, HGTV, Italy, JCrew

Skills and Techniques

I've done a lot of self study and practice for wire wrapping. I've taken classes for chainmaille and metalsmithing.

Get to Know

Hi my name is Shannon Gilmore Mannone welcome to Canterbury Vines Studios. My love of art started in the 7th grade with an inspiring art teacher. At that time I thought I would become an interior decorator. I even helped my mom and next door neighbor make plant hangers from fishing line and plastic beads. By the 8th grade our school district had cut the art program. In the 9th grade I found a new passion. Computers. I took my first programming class in BASIC using the Radio Shack TRS80 (or Trash 80 as we called them). I never forgot about art but pursued computer programming and finally earning a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and later an MBA. I am now an IT Manager. During my career in IT I still had creative interests. I got into silk floral arrangements and made all the bouquets for my wedding as well as my own veil. After a break from floral design I picked up painting. I remembered my father painting when I was a kid. At one time all of the paintings in our living room were his. I took some local painting classes and really enjoyed them. Then about 2 years ago I was frustrated by commercial jewelry in regular shops. It looked so boring and the same as every other piece. I notice some handcrafted pieces in a catalog. I started searching on the Internet for handcrafted jewelry liked what I saw. This sparked my creativity again and I began creating my own pieces. When you view the jewelry available on my Artfire store I hope you feel a sense of beauty and joy. That is what I feel when I look at a finished piece.

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