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Honesdale, PA, United States


I am married to my love and the mother of two little ones. We have three dogs to round out our family and make this crazy busy life worth it! I am passionate about creating - making something from a jumble of beads and leather or concocting a recipe for bath & body products. I love to be outdoors running, kayaking or just taking a walk with the kids. My family has a farm with livestock and plenty of gardens to keep us busy. Inspiration comes from these hobbies and can be seen in the colors I choose, the essential oils I use and the all natural ingredients found in my products. I enjoy custom orders the most. It gives me the opportunity to explore something new and get to know my clients better while making something that will mean even more to the recipient. I find I'm quite obsessed with beads & embroidery. I believe my past life was spent creating gowns and accessories for the likes of Downton Abbey - intricately beaded sheaths and crystal jewelry.

Skills and Techniques

My skills are limited to how much I research. I truly want to find the best that's out there and then combine them to make the highest quality products. I actually have to push myself because I strive for perfection which can hold you back from moving forward. Nothing I have made is done without testing - not even the jewelry. Special attention is paid to the details and will hopefully shine through everything I make.

Get to Know

I have a love of all things handmade. Selling is such a tiny part - it's about making things I can use on my skin that I feel good about and creating jewelry this is beautiful and functional. Here you will find the perfect gifts for you, friends, family or whomever you choose to brighten up their day! Gift sets are a specialty and are great for any occasion - holidays, birthdays, special occasions, corporate events & retreats and bridesmaids gifts. I can also curate a custom set combining my products with those from local artisans and a make a truly unique gift! Please just ask! Everything in my shop (to a degree) can be adjusted to personal taste: Color of beads, threads & embellishments, essential oils and even the ingredients. Browse around, get inspired and be you! Let's making something together!

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