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Santa Fe, NM, United States


Making, walking, reading, meditating, drinking tea, living simply.

Skills and Techniques

Extensive background in science and healthcare. Degrees in Nursing, Biology and Biotechnology. These skills have allowed me to crossover into the alchemical art of electroforming.

Get to Know

I'm a Brit from the North West of England and have lived in the US for 18 years, though I'm still a Northern Girl at heart. With a background in Health and Science, I worked in a Clinical Microbiology lab for many years. Prior to that a nurse and a Forensic Technician. I began making jewelry as a way to balance my life with creativity. I found electroforming and I have been hooked ever since. Now working full time in my home studio I am blessed to have the opportunity to create all day.

I am drawn to the wild life, of nature, wanderings and freedom. I adore the rustic, natural look of copper that gives crystals and stones a special texture and organic feel. I believe in small, independent living and support myself through my art. I work from my home based studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my husband and 2 rescue dogs. My pieces all have a little of my soul in them as they are all made with love and intention. I would like to pass that love onto you.

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