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Columbus, OH, United States

Quick Blurb

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beading, needle weaving, handmade art jewelry, bead embroidery.

Skills and Techniques

I specialize in needle woven beaded jewelry, using peyote, herringbone, netting and brick stitch. I also enjoy bead embroidery.

Get to Know

I have experimented in one form of art or another since my early teens. From collage to painting, creative writing, embroidery and sewing, crocheting and knitting, I have had many interests, but needle woven beading techniques really captured my imagination. I started knitting tiny beaded pendant pouches about 10 years ago, and on the hunt for beads for the pouches, discovered the world of seed beads. Now, I incorporate them into my art in a variety of techniques. From the simplicity of a herringbone bracelet to the intricacy of a netted, embellished collar, my pieces are unique, one of a kind, and always Artfully Decadent.