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Port Richey, FL, United States

Quick Blurb

I put forth all of my patience & skill into each piece of jewelry, knitted or crocheted accessory or other project I make.


Making Jewelry, Oil Painting, most needle crafts, sewing, gardening.

The craft 'bug' bit pretty hard when as a youngster as I watched my Mother take a lump of 'string' and turn it into beautiful baby sets she gave to friends and family for their baby showers. This early exposure turned on my curiosity and a hunger to make useful things out of practically 'nothing' with my hands, a few supplies and meager tools. My mother tried hopelessly to teach me to crochet, but for some unknown reason I wasn't able to learn from her instruction.

I had wonderful elementary school teachers who turned my curiosity for crafts and paired it with my love of reading. Our libraries were full of educational 'Craft' books created by great teachers of the arts. Within the pages of the many books I read, I accomplished learning to crochet [much to mother's surprise] as well as many other art forms taking me on a lifelong adventure from a child amazed at learning to crochet from instructions in a book to beading both on and off loom.

As time progressed sewing was added to my list of accomplishments 'sew' I made my own and my children's cloths. Being up all night with a colicky baby led to quieter crafts like embroidery, needlepoint, bargello, knitting and other fiber arts with and without incorporating beads. After the children grew up, got married and left home I felt free to explore Oil Painting [too messy with children around], which I loved. Friends and family insisted I was quite good at it, however, when Hubby started getting his hours at work cut to 20 hours part time each winter and we were worried about how we were going to pay our bills, the taxes and keep a roof over our heads our financial needs required I put my brush down to look for other forms of income. Online selling was a natural fit so ArtJewelryBeadsNMore came into being :)

Skills and Techniques

We are a retired Mom & Pop with tons of Artisan and Crafting experience putting our lifelong experiences into finding quality tools and supplies for our customers.

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Genuine retired Mom and Pop small business trying to remain self supporting. We offer new Jewelry Tools and supplies by ImpressArt, Beadsmith, Eurotool and Preciosa Czech Seed Beads. Everything is IN STOCK and ready to ship immediately. I owner personally inspects all items prior to shipment. Shop motto is if I wouldn't want to receive it I won't send it to you.

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