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Sherman Oaks, Ca, United States

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I began making jewelry to relax myself from pressure of my own career. I have been working as a Visual Effects Artist on feature film and animation for a decade and a half. I really enjoyed it and still do time to time. I usually work about 6 months at a time up to 80, 90 hours a week and have a couple of months off or longer. I started making jewelry on my off period. Making jewelry was a great time killer when I was waiting for the next gig. However I enjoyed making jewelry so much I'd work on it after 12hours work day at a studio. Now I spend most of my time on making jewelry.

I stumbled into Steampunk jewelry about a year ago at an art show.
I was already a little bit of watch collector myself. I always found it fascinating how much of the intriguing work they put in inside of watch, especially the antique ones. Many times its inside is prettier than the outside.
Although I quite fond of Victorian and Steampunk Era, I believe my work is more of my appreciation toward to pure foam of mechanical art.

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