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Seattle, WA, United States


Makers of simple wares from reclaimed woods, and reused metal. Jewelry racks, iPhone stands, wall hooks, planters, office organizers,office decor, coat racks, succulent planters, pen cups, home decor, and a variety of wood gifts. We enjoy making things, and believe our role in protection of our Earth’s natural resources is important. Our work is Made in USA. Our packaging is 90% recycled, minimal, and uncomplicated by glossy ads and coupons. Thank you for considering our work!

Skills and Techniques

We reclaim old wood and re-use it to make gifts and home decor.

Get to Know

Andrew's Reclaimed. Our work is made from reclaimed wood and recycled metal recovered from the misfortune of disposal, turned into useful gifts and long-lasting keepsakes. We believe the individual role in preservation of the planet's life is the most powerful role. Here, we affirm this belief in our use of recycled materials, durability, and minimal packaging.

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