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"I firmly believe we all can be creators of happiness, for ourselves and for others, if only we allow love and affection to guide us. Everybody can create something, so can make a difference, and help to turn our world in a better place! I hope you will enjoy my works as much as I did making them.

It fills me with gratitude and pride that by today my creations have reached people from such diverse countries as the United States, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Ireland, England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain. I take inspiration from my three beautiful sons, from nature as a whole and the animal world in particular.
Furthermore I consider it a special honour that so many clients have trusted me with orders to portray their dearest companion animals.

I normally work on a scale of 1:12 and always give my best to render my miniatures as realistically as possible, Recreating characteristic postures and expressions helps to make each animal unique and OOAK. I only use natural fibres like silk, flax, ramie, soy and most of all wool, the perfect material for modelling and creating structure. My favourite technique is needle felting.

Please feel welcome to visit my shop, where I share my inspiration and communicate with all of you who enjoy my work.
If anything you see inspires you with an idea for a new creation, please contact me and I will happily do what I can to turn it real.

If you would like me to create a personalized miniature of your favourite pet, you only need to supply me a few portrait pictures, ideally from different viewpoints: front, profile, or even back. This will allow me to take into account the maximum of special characteristics. Of course, I will respond quickly, so we can agree on the exact specifications of your order. The delivery time of your miniature will only be several weeks!