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Cherry Hill, NJ, United States


I am a farmer by birth and a Horticulturist by schooling. I like to grow all of my own food, mushrooms, and spices.
Much of my life is dedicated to living and teaching about Organic lifestyle and ways to improve the quality of your life by eating and growing healthily.

Skills and Techniques

I have a Masters in Horticulture and an incredibly deep interest in Organic Farming.

Get to Know

After many years of wavering back and forth, we decided that it was time to start offering our family's' wares on the Internet.
Coming from a farming family, in a very tight-knit community, I have always known all of the folks that my parents and grandparents would sell to. They were always there - at all hours of the day or night - to help with any questions someone may have about how to plant, grow, harvest, keep, or simply enjoy the fruits of their labor. And, I thought that the Internet was too big of a place to provide that kind of service. Until I was introduced to ArtFire!
Honestly, I did spend many months checking out to stores and the people selling before I decided to commit to opening my own shop. Everyone that I found, without exception, was wonderful, knowledgeable and eager to help with what they were making and selling. (Please, understand, this is a very important part of why I choose ArtFire as my choice to step into the 21st century.)
Our listing for our Organic Seeds, Handmade, Organic Spice Blends, Organic Mushrooms, and Wild-crafted wares reflect the type of company I am my family maintain - Small, simple, friendly, and helpful. If you have any questions, even if you didn't purchase something, I and my family/co-owners will be more than happy to help out where we can.
My family still owns and operates our various family farms, roadside stands and attends Farmer Markets in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We offer that dedication to knowing and helping our customers & friends here in the digital world.
My kids still chide me about taking so long to get here, but, now I am (As are they) are here, and we are happy to help with what and where we can.