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Chandler, Az, United States

Quick Blurb

Tatting and quilling and anything crafty, that's what I love. Hello! I'm Wendy Wright. Thanks again for browsing.


Me - Bible, Family, Tatting, lace-making, quilling, miniatures, sewing, baking, cake and cookie decorating, canning
Daughter1-Piano, reading, beading, games
Daughter2-Reading, iris folding, tatting, quilling, card-making, violin
Son-Piano, reading, woodworking, painting, gardening

Skills and Techniques

I have a BA in Fine Art, but later taught myself and my daughter how to needle tat and to needle quil.

Get to Know

Wendy Wright
Hello! I am thrilled that you are visiting!

Here is a little bit about me. I am originally from Illinois and moved around with family a number of times and so grew up in Buffalo, NY and in a couple cities in Ontario, Canada. I've always had a love of art and creating beautiful things that are useful as well. I enjoyed sewing doll clothes, drawing, macrame and crafts of any kind when I was young, and was especially interested in miniature things. I eventually graduated from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Marketing. I relocated with my husband to Arizona in 1994 and have been a full time homeschooling Mom to three blessings since then.

When our kids were very young we drove a young gal to our church weekly, and she gave me a tatted bookmark which piqued my daughter's interest in learning how to tat. Tatting is a knotted lace technique made up of thousands of tiny knots which are tied to form rings, chains and spaces (called pecots). I bought a book, some needles and rented a video from the library and we learned together. That was just the beginning of my passion for all things lace. Another woman from our church introduced me to quilling, which began another love for the art of paper curling. I can't count the number of gifts over the years that I have made with these two endeavors, sometimes even combining them for such things as unique magnets for shower and wedding give-a-ways. I've made tatted items for Bible Conference give-aways, embellished jars of my organically grown and home-canned (and award-winning!) pomegranate jelly, apple sauce, apple butter and plum jam with both tatting and quilling for Christmas gifts, and have tatted napkin holders/bookmarks for dinner guests to keep.

Art and creativity has been a big part of my children's education too, including crafts, and we have dabbled in a wide variety. Each has been interested in creating with different medium - my oldest with paper clips, wire, beads and weaving (although piano is her first love and she has had paid performances - her very own website is at yolasite and is azpianogirl). My middle daughter with tatting, iris folding, quilling and card-making. Our youngest with wood - building and carving, and more recently with oil painting (and a lot of gardening, propagation and seed-saving in between).

In 2012 my three children and I entered the Arizona State Fair for the first time, and won big-time! My comfy pocketed nightgown with smocked and tatted front won first, as did a dress I made out of silky fabric that my sister brought back from a missionary trip. Some of my culinary arts won firsts, but my lace-making abilities won me four first place blue ribbons and two special Lacy Ladies awards. My children also won many ribbons with our youngest even winning one for his original wooden business-card holder he created for his sister's solo pianist business. I am a proud Mom. I think the only thing I won when I was growing up was a coloring contest at McDonalds!

I have been involved in other artistic pursuits, including newsletters, bulletins, creating the logo and signs for my husband's business and putting together table centerpieces for conferences but still remain fascinated by miniature things - and since God has blessed me with the ability to make quilled miniature flowers and delicate tatted lace I hope to bless others with this. Of course I love to tat and quill but my first love is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I seek to honor Him in all I do.

Our name "All the Wright Stuff" came about since not only I, but my children as well, like to create and they each add their items to our shop as well. So, browse our offerings. Most of our "stuff" is unique and would make great gifts for those special people in your life. Remember, too, that any of us Wrights will do custom work. Whether it be applying my handmade lace to a special garment of yours or your child's, to head coverings or scarves (another first place winner) to creating a quilled shadowbox of a wedding invitation, poem or verse. Also, if you see something you like but would prefer a different color, size, earring metal, etc. just let me know!

Custom item prices are based on time. Please allow added time for finishing these special requests. The items pictured are those I have in stock right now, plus a few more that I have made in the past.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thanks again for browsing All the Wright Stuff!

PS My children had their 1st craft booth at the AFHE Homeschool Convention June 14-15, 2013. Many thanks to those who purchased such items as their wooden kitchen spatulas, quilled greeting cards, ruffle scarves, beaded bracelets and lizard key chains. They did really well and learned a whole lot in the process!

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