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Missoula, MT, United States


Adventure - it means different things to different people. I love adventures with my family and friends, especially places I haven't been and places I want to share with others. Culture, and all aspects of that, fascinates me. I spend a lot of time observing historical monuments and sites as the spirit of the place touches my soul. Montana, my backyard, inspires me everyday. The varied landscapes, wildlife and people I see and meet give me stories to tell, pictures to take and ideas to share.

Skills and Techniques

My main thing is photography and I use a Nikkon D60 and a Toshiba laptop. I'm pretty much self-taught in my photo skills and I keep working to perfect my shots everytime I'm out. Many say I have unique perspectives in my shots and I'm attributing that to my need to see things from every angle.

Get to Know

Hey! I'm Krista, a Montana gal recently transplanted from the Hiline to Missoula Valley. I've had a camera nearly every where I go since high school (early 90's). I did run my own photo studio for quite some time, but found that my heart wasn't in it. I much preferred the adventure and exploration I find on Montana's back roads, which has been my passion since 2004. I recently discovered I had a knack for painting and I'm working on my drawing skills, too. Yay, more goodies to give to you! We're Semi-Eco-Friendly, meaning we try our best to reuse packaging materials and many of our products are upcycled recyclables. Our savings in reusing cuts down on costs - which we pass on to you, of course!