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Sparks, NV, United States

Quick Blurb

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I use markers and colored pencils mainly because they aren't as messy as paints and I can literally create art anywhere I am in the house-- from my desk to my chair or in front of the TV.

Skills and Techniques

I am a self-taught artist. Much of my inspiration and encouragement comes from my grandmother who started painting after she retired at the age of 65. However, I must admit--I received a book on "how to" draw one Christmas when I was very young. The author was Walter Lantz the well-known creator of the cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker". I spent hours tracing and drawing Woody and his friends as well as everyday objects such as furniture and scenery.

Get to Know

Art has always been a part of my life although, I have only recently taken myself seriously as an artist. My career has been as a performer and a strings/ orchestra teacher which is why so much of my art has a music theme. Why the animals: dogs, cats, rabbits and cows?? I don't really know--perhaps I like drawing them because I don't have any pets of my own??

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