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Jaipur, ra, India


A Passion for Jewelry

I love making jewelry and also have a real respect for the artisan silversmiths in Jaipur, India having had an association with a few of them for a number of years now. I admire their skills in working with silver so they make my 925 Sterling Silver earrings to my design concepts as I do not have the necessary skills in working with Sterling Silver and Gemstones. I stick to making jewelry primarily using beads and findings.

I have a real liking for Sterling Silver and Gemstone jewelry, all of it :), and have found the village silversmiths of the jaipur region of India to be the very best at their craft possessing skills handed down over generations.

Get to Know

925jaipurjewel is India s fastest growing designer jewellery and accessories brand for all, offering you a wide range of traditional, modern, gemstone, fashion jewellery. Our unique and one of a kind jewelry is handmade & pure 925 Sterling Silver