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I'm Jennifer. I'm the Mother of two boys, 13 and 8. We recently moved to Atlanta from Minnesota due to my husband's job. I'm still trying to adjust to the South, but I'm sure it will take a little bit. Well, I guess I have always been the "Jen of all trades" making things in all different kinds of media. My passion is making jewelry. I absolutely LOVE metal. Probably from helping my father work on Street Rods in the garage. I was his helper, (or nusiance) trying to help him sand, bend or create something with metal. I aspire to be a metalsmith some day, but for now, I will try to learn on my own with different projects. Some day, my dream would be to train with a metalsmith and have the knowledge to make my creative visions come alive!

I have a love for classic cars, metal, motorcycles, silly monsters, crazy about cats, animals, Green Bay Packers, whimsical art, photography and the Midwest!

nickel silver stainless steel glass beads leather copper brass mixed media