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I have been learning how to make doll sculpture since February 2008. As I am good at painting, I have mastered the skills and process of making doll sculpture very quickly. I went through the process of making dolls from resin and colored pottery, but eventually I chose to make dolls from polymer clay. In particular, the polymer clay itself is non-toxic and tasteless, with a high degree of ductility and plasticity, easy to form, after setting and then high-temperature barbecue, no distortion after firing, no fading. I have produced more than thousands of dolls for Asians and friends from other countries, including marriage, sports, dances, parties, family members, role-playing and other forms. In the exchange with colleagues, I came into contact with Artfire platform, so I opened a shop in Artfire which belongs to my doll customization category. Hope to take this opportunity to provide friends with high quality handmade dolls and pleasant services.

Polymer Clay Springs